One story from Boulder, Colorado

There are so many stories you can find diggin the web. One of these has been so well reported from Bruce B. Johnson a passionate researcher and book publisher on Oregon’s old school mountain gear. You can find a very interesting article on the story of Holubar one of the first Mountain Gear company founded in 1947.


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My Short novel Book

I’m proud to announce that on the 12th of April i’ll present my first novel book. Presentation will take place in Rome, at Bibli bookshop – Via dei Fienaroli 28 – 6.30 pm. The book is published by Amaranta Editrice, a young but very reliable organization, which is looking for new authors and materials. Visit their website for more informations. I’m very excited, and looking forward to see you on the 12th at Bibli.

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Restoring Vision

I just discovered Restoring Vision while surfing the Web. Caught my attention because looks really something that goes to whom is in needs. Please let’s have a look and do what you can to support this organization.

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Hullett House – Mariners’rest

I was really curious about the Hullet House which was an argument of discussion back in the years everytime visiting HKG due to its long time renewal works. Created by famous architect David Yeo creator of the Aqua restaurant group in the Heritage 1881 location which was the historic former headquerters of the marine police, the place got mixed opinions at its opening.

Definitely on the edge of kitsch for its extremely “Old Hong Kong” style, big attention paid to the 13 theme rooms that goes from the total black to an off white bridal suite. I had the chance to dinner at Mariners Rest where are still the original jail cells from the police station, the rest is informal like a British Pub and i ate a very good fish and chips. In any case the whole place is amazing and i can recomend a visit maybe only to have a different view of the bay from this “Old Hong Kong” building.

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Croxx Fingers

Went to Hong Kong last week, so my new posts are all about what was interesting on the other side of the world. First thing that hit my attention was Fingercroxx. FINGERCROXX is from this perspective an interesting academic analysis.
Created in 2005 by group I.T,  the biggest HK group for the trendy youth and street fashion: store BAPE, COMME DES GARCONS, MARTIN MARGIELA, also, the street reference DOUBLE PARK (OBEY, UBIK, NIKE, ADIDAS, X-GIRL, FINGERCROXX, X-LARGE, ZOOYORK, CARHART, ALIFE. It is currently developing at a tremendous speed within the Chinese megalopolis. What is really interesting with FINGERCROXX is symbolic. It is a true ode of the so-called chinese way of life. One looks at what others do, one copies them while trying to bring fourth a point. One improves on the defects of our competitors. All this without deviating too much from the original model. Obviously its Japanese neighbor crushes a tad much upon the shoulders of the Chinese urban creators and mutual consumers. However, honestly, FINGERCROXX is terribly effective. Admittedly not the greatest inventive and innovative brand however its produce is very well made and relatively cheap. Most of all, everything is coherent: its logo and the packaging sending fourth a single message. Maybe the road the should be taken in Europe from some big retail and distribution groups.
(courtesy BKRW)

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Winter is here

Maybe not yet, but is coming, for sure. When you need a confortable, rough shoe that can last for many years you know i’m crazy about working boots. I’ve already published some post about work boots, but how i can miss one of the most credible and oldest company in the world. I’m talking of Danner, crafters of outdoor, military and work boots from 1932 in Portland, Oregon. They’re also very active in japan with a series of special boots that you can find at Oshmans in case you’re in Japan. 

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Need a guide?

You are travelling the world for work or pleasure, you visit cities where you never have been before, you don’t know where to buy stuff, drink something, meet people. What you usually do is asking to your cool friend who knows everything, but you don’t want him looking at you in that way. You don’t like the way he treat you like a small kid. Ok, enough, no need to ask anything to anyone. Go Superfuture. Superfuture is the definitive supeguide for shopping travellers. Addresses, Hints, cool spots, reviews everything you need to find what you like wherever you’re going. Over 240 cities and 6000 reviews help you to master every city in the world.

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