Things i think will help this world to be a better place to live – 1


The title of this post it’s not consistant with the actual review, i know, but it’s more a need for me to catalogue and highlight some of the things that help me trying be a better person when i’m going nuts. Jon Hassell‘s music accompany my life from the early 80’s when i discovered one of the most influencial records of that decade; “fourth world possible music” – on EG label.

Hassell is an American Trumpet Player that in the late 70’s invented a particular innovative contamination between jazz/Etnic/Electronic music that it’s really difficult to define.

“fourth world” opened the doors to many musicians that started contaminating music in many different ways. Think only that involved in the project was Brian Eno that exploded this experience in many other different productions.  My favourite record for its completeness is “Fascinoma” which i strongly suggest you to buy. So now, when you’re going crazy, please put your best headphone on, close your eyes and fly away in the place you wish to be over the notes of Hassell’s magic trumpet.

jon hasselljon_hassell_possible_shop_lphassell


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3 risposte a “Things i think will help this world to be a better place to live – 1

  1. Nice one ! why don’t you contribute to my new blog too ( ) with some nice post ?


    • Ok Carlo. perchè no! dimmi se c’è qualche argomento o qualcosa di specifico che vorresti “adottare”. ciao. Marcello

      • Grazie ! Non so bene perché sono un pò nuovo a tema social network (fra l’altro perdona il bradipico ritardo con cui ti rispondo).magari visto che scrivi molto bene ( . . . complimenti davvero) potresti commentare qualcuno dei post che appaiono su inthemoodforlife. Se hai qualche altra idea dimmi tu . . . comunque intanto “blogrollo” il tuo sito


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